How to develop Emotional Intelligence

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Develop Emotional Intelligence

Develop Emotional Intelligence with Cards

You can develop emotional intelligence.

Do you find meaningful conversations difficult?

Have you ever been called heartless or cold hearted?

It may not be your desire to be labelled in this way but you could have traits in your personality that may make the label others have given you fair.

Wikipedia describes Emotional intelligence (EIas “the capability of individuals to recognize their own and other people’s emotions, discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments or achieve one’s goal(s).[1]

So if you find it difficult to understand what others are talking about when a conversation talks about feelings or desires it may just be that there is a disconnect in your heart at those moments and you are trying to answer questions related to values and desires with a cognitive process that happens in your head.

How can you develop emotional intelligence?

Developing emotional intelligence does not have to be hard. Using different language during conversations can often shift a cognitive conversation into a more emotional conversation. A good example of when you have had a more emotional conversation is when you are talking with your friend about something you love.

Sometimes we can find our selves disconnected from the heart due to some previous heart based trauma often after a relationship has broken down.

Short term this is protective of us, but if it becomes a long term condition it can cause problems in new relationships that could mean you are not able to stay in a loving relationship for extended amounts of time.

The cards in the pack shown above can help you to regain and further develop emotional intelligence.

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Emotional Intelligence Questions

Which Emotional Intelligence Questions should you ask?

Emotional Intelligence Questions – If you are new coach and are just starting to become familiar with emotional intelligence as a concept you may be wondering, how do I help my clients enhance their emotional intelligence?

Specific questions which engage the heart response, tend to get clients to drop out of their heads and see situations from a different perspective.

Emotional intelligence questions are about connecting to values and tend to evoke a more compassionate response or point of view.

Emotional intelligence questions will support your client to become more self compassionate and quite the over active head brain.

Emotional Intelligence Questions

Emotional Intelligence Questions

46 Emotional Intelligence Questions

Each pack of the Reveal Solutions emotional intelligence cards comes in it’s own hard plastic pack for safe transportation and easy storage.

The emotional intelligence cards are made out of a thick card similar to a business card and protected by a plastic coating on both sides to ensure a long life and many uses.

They are made in Australia and delivered via Australia post to any Australian address free of additional shipping costs.

If you live outside of Australia and would like to purchase these or any other cards we will need to confirm the cost of postage before you place your order.

I find that taking these cards to my clients coaching sessions helps to get a coaching session that may have hit a road block to get moving again.

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Learn the Grow Coaching Model – Cards

Learn Grow Coaching Model - Cards

Learn Grow Coaching Model – Cards

Learn the Grow Coaching Model.

The revealmore grow coaching cards are a cost effective and easy way to help you learn the grow coaching model and become more familiar with the model that was first developed in the late 1980’s.

If you are a new coach a trainer or just a curious learner and you are looking for tools to help take your understanding of the grow coaching model further then you may want to consider grabbing a pack of grow coaching model cards.

These cards not only help you Learn Grow Coaching Model they are also great prompts that can be used in a coaching session to help your client get even more value from their coaching experience.

There are three different packs that will help you learn Grow Coaching Model, for all levels of competence and experience, the

  • Introduction to Grow Coaching Cards
  • Intermediate Grow Coaching Cards
  • Advanced Grow Coaching Cards.

Each pack contains at least 40 cards with different questions and prompts for you to ask your client, they are made in Australia from high quality plastic coated paper and protected by a plastic box to ensure durability and easy storage.

Packs start from around $42 AUD including tax and delivery is free to any Australian address.

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Live overseas and want to get a pack of Learn Grow Coaching Model cards?

To learn grow coaching model in south east Asia or New Zealand international orders must be placed offline and postage will be calculated for your specific location on the planet. Click HERE to go to our home page and click the contact us button to send us an email and we will be in touch to arrange all the details.

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Grow Coaching Questions

Which grow coaching questions should you ask?

Grow Coaching Questions

Grow Coaching Questions

When you become a new life coach that learned the grow coaching model, it may be a little overwhelming at the beginning of your coaching career to know which grow coaching questions to ask during those sessions early on.

If you are finding that you are in your head thinking of which grow coaching questions to ask, you may be missing out on key information that is being shared by your client.

This may mean that your client is not getting your undivided attention during the session and it may be affecting their confidence about how you are able to support them in their transformation journey.

48 Grow Coaching Questions in a pack.

The grow coaching questions that you get in this pack of 48 Grow Coaching Cards has 48 unique ways for you to engage your client in a way that will encourage curiosity and creativity when looking for solutions to problems and for how to achieve goals that have been set.

Some example grow coaching questions which you get in the pack are,

  • Goal questions like – How would you know when you have achieved it?
  • Reality questions like – Which is the biggest blocker and how do you get around it
  • Options questions like – What options do you have?
  • Way Forward questions like – What would move your commitment up by 2 more points

All in all there are 10 Goal questions, 10 Reality Questions, 10 Options Questions and 10 Way forward questions. The rest of the cards help to set the session up as well as recap at the end of the session.

The cards are made in Australia, they are coated in non-stain smooth plastic on both sides and come in a box for safe storage.

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Staff Appraisal Cards

Conducting a successful Staff Appraisal

Staff Appraisal Coaching Cards_3.1

Staff Appraisal Coaching Cards_3.1

With the successful staff appraisal coaching cards can support a line manager to have a meaningful staff appraisal.

Our aim with the appraisal coaching cards is simple. To support line managers and organisations with a resource that can be used as an aid that can be used when preparing and planing a successful appraisal meeting.

It’s imperative that an appraisal meeting is more than just a review of how well targets have been achieved in the period under review.

What are the staff appraisal cards.

Through these cards staff members and the appraising manager are encouraged to explore and discuss much more that will support individual development, team and organisational achievement, increase employee engagement and lead to even more effective relationships.

The cards are not a substitution for your appraisal process. The cards have a question you could ask or consider for yourself, followed by an explanation for asking that question so you can understand it’s purpose.

A tip at the bottom of the card related to the question. Thats 3 pieces of developmental information on each card.

Card segments.

The deck consists of 52 cards is seven colour coded segments, they are

  1. Being Prepared
  2. Continued Improvement
  3. Catching People doing it right
  4. Skills and behaviours
  5. Feedback
  6. the Development Gap
  7. Setting Objectives

To learn how these Revealmore cards can help you and your business build and engaged productive and happy workforce click on the video below. To order the cards now click on the link below and for discounted pricing for bulk orders, contact Bill today.

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Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards

Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards.

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Welcome to this short video that introduces the Reveal More Emotional Intelligence Cards.

What’s been recognised for many years is that a persons level of emotional intelligence has a far greater impact of their success and that of the team or organisation they are in, than their level of competence or intellect alone.

Our ability to make and maintain successful relationships is the bedrock of collaborative working and therefor the modern workplace.

Without sound relationships we are an island and our best efforts will only lead to limited success. that relies on short term transactional relationships

What happens if we develop our Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Conflict reduces, discretionary effort is released, purpose and achievement are realised, productivity increases business growth can be achieved and customer satisfaction will increase too.

The great news is, the Emotional Intelligence Cards are easy to use.

The cards are based on Daniel Goldman’s four box EI model. The purpose of the emotional intelligence cards is to stimulate reflection and conversation.

We can only develop our emotional intelligence through a combination of quality introspection and also focusing on others.

The cards can be used in a number of ways. To coach others of EI for teams to better understand each other or perhaps for self development of an individual manager or leader.

What does each deck of Emotional Intelligence Cards Contain?

The deck contains 52 cards. 12 cards in each of the four colour coded segments corresponding to Goldman’s model. Each card has a question and a statement to explain the purpose of that question and a tip. That’s three pieces of developmental information on each card.

There is also a descriptor card for each segment to further assist the user with further understanding of Goldman’s EI model.

There is also a full colour graphic card  showing the model often used in many EI courses.

To take a look at some of the cards watch the video and order a pack to help develop your EI  further.

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mBraining Flash Learning Cards

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

G’day everybody and welcome to this short video about the mBraining Flash Learning Cards. The mBraining Flash Learning Cards are a pack of 47 cards designed by Grant Soosalu in conjunction with Mark Deacon and Reb Veal from

They are now available in Australia to purchase to help consolidate the learning after a four day coach certification.

The cards come in colour coded sections to help make the learning easier and the also have a page number at the bottom of every card that allows for easy reference to the book so that you know specifically what the cards is referring to.

But also if you are reading the book to be able to go to the book and go to a card that corresponds to the section that you are reading, to get better clarity of what t is that you just read and to allow you to practice what it is that you just read.

Where are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards made?

They are made in Australia and the are sold under license and they are available at and they come in a plastic pack thats designed to hold the cards so that they are easily able to be stored and so they are safe when you use them to travel anywhere that you decide you need to take them.

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

They are good for new coaches that are going to mBraining coaching get togethers, with your fellow coaches where you are practicing and doing your practice sessions.

they are made out of a nice thick card that is similar to a business card and is coated on each side with a thin layer of film or plastic to give the strength and durability.

So if you are interested in the cards go to thats and click the shop button and you will be able to find the cards there, purchase them pay n PayPal and have them delivered anywhere in Australia , delivery is included in the price that you will find on line.

How are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards used?

Now to give you a bit of an idea of how the cards work, this particular card is a heart brain card and it has some information about the heart brain on there that allows you to , like i said earlier refer to page 77 of the book and i that card comes so dot points that enables you to understand what it is that the heart brain does or is responsible for.

For example here, it’s got more than around 10 dotpoints and some of the include

  • peace and
  • forgiveness
  • joy and
  • trust
  • connection
  • love generosity
  • emotional truth and
  • wisdom and
  • passion

So this card allows you to go through that process of learning what it is that heart brin does and it helps you to consolidate the learning from your coaching course.

It helps you to practice with fellow coaches when you get together in your coaching sessions.

On the other side of the card we have the prompt question, so whether you are prompting yourself or having someone else prompt you, you can look at the card and ask yourself what are the core mBraining competencies and the the question down the bottom is list some balanced heart brain core competencies.

So by learning via the flash learning cards – by receiving the question whether its somebody else asking you or you asking yourself, you could give yourself an opportunity to learn those answer, like i said on the back of the card and understand better and absorb better the information that you picked up at the coach certification.

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mBraining Coaching Questions

Which mBraining Coaching Questions should I ask?

If you are a new mBIT Coach you may be still be a little unsure if you are asking the right mBraining Coaching Questions.

Although you may not be aware of it, you have already been engaging your clients 3 brains during coaching.

Incase you have been feeling a little rough about the way you are taking your clients up the mBIT roadmap you may find it useful to grab a pack of mBraining Coaching Cards.

Each pack contains 47 cards that were designed by Reveal Solutions founders Mark Deacon and Reb Veal in consultation with Grant Soosalu.

Engaging the multiple brains, with mBraining Coaching Questions

mBraining Coaching Questions

The mBraining Coaching Questions in this pack come in four colour coded categories. There 11 Red cards which engage the heart, 11 Blue cards that engage the head, 11 Olive cards that engage the gut, and 12 teal cards that are used to add wisdom to difficult situations.

There is also a foundational sequence card and an mBIT roadmap card. The cards are manufactured in Australia under license from using plastic coat business card paper and they come in a plastic box designed for safe storage.

Get your pack of mBraining Coaching Questions HERE. Delivery is included in the cost if you live in Australia. Please send me an email by clicking the button below if you live overseas and I will confirm the cost for international mail before you make your purchase.

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mBraining Training

mBraining Training

mBraining TrainingmBraining Training is available throughout the world in more than 20 countries.

From it’s early days the mBraining Coach Certification captured the imagination of life coaches throughout Australia.

Over four days of learning in a classroom environment, delegates are taught the benefits of this new coaching modality while getting first hand experience of disconnecting from the head brain and reconnecting to the body via the heart and gut brains.

In day one your trainer will set the foundations, by explaining the research that went into mBraining the book, and how that knowledge was used to design the mBIT road map.

The mBIT road map is the main principle that mBIT coaches use to move a client from being stressed and out of bodily alignment to feeling calm and balanced with all intelligences being involved in the decision making process.

mBraining Training support tools

Often delegates that finish a course in any modality, are excited with their new found learnings but find that the excitement wears off after a few days. This may happen for a number of reasons.

The learning environment during the course is supportive and nourishing, with up to 40 hours of deep and engaging interactions with fellow participants.

While your trainer will encourage delegates continue to meeting after the course has finished to practice what you learned, many of us will get distracted by life once more.

The more we practice while the learnings are fresh, the better the retention will be. Since many people will travel far and wide to participate in an mBraining course distance might make getting together with fellow coaches difficult to meet with.

i have found that mBraining can be practiced very effectively over Skype.

mBraining Training Aids

mBraining training

the mBraining Flash Cards deck contains 48 cards colour coded into sections that correspond to chapters in the book. This means finding the area of interest easy when looking through the mbraining cards.

Each card also contains a page reference to the book so that more detail and information can be access instantly.

on card number three, the question is, what are the prime functions of the gut brain?

When we turn the card over the answers are mobilisation, self preservation, and core identity.

You can see that the page reference is in the corner page 45 and we can see in the book this corresponds to the mBraining prime function.

This card numbered 14 is an experiencing card, and it asks the user, think of a time when you felt torn between logic and a gut instinct when making a decision.

As the user goes to that time they are likely to have experiences and on the reverse it suggests where in your body and  what you may have experienced thereby demonstrating the multiple brains responses.

The card number 30 is the core competencies card. It asks the user list so balanced heart brain core competencies and on the reverse a list of the recognised competencies of the heart brain, for example peace and forgiveness, hope, joy, trust, connection, passion.

The western world for decades has been very head brain driven. Decisions that people take both for them selves and others may be having a detrimental affect on their quality of life.

So the question is, in what way are we not listening to our multiple brains and how can we make wiser decisions for ourselves and others to both look after our wellbeing now and for future generations?

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mBraining Book – Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff!

mBraining Book – Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff.

mbraining book

mbraining book

mBraining Book. mBraining was researched and written by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu the co-founders of the new coaching modality of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques. GET 10% OFF your copy by simply typing 10% into the coupon section of your shopping basket before you checkout. For a limited time only!


The new field of mBIT brings together what ancient wisdom traditions have been saying for thousands of years, with the latest findings from neuroscience, with practical applications for wise living.

Comprising of nine chapters, mBraining takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery, of what lies beneath the external layers of our existence.

By allowing you to truly connect with the intelligence of the Heart, Gut and Head Brains beyond the superficial level, you will gain a real insight into what has been making you tick all these years, and from where you can begin to affect change in your life.

Why should you get a copy of the mBraining Book?

Learning to put into practice what mBraining teaches with an mBraining Coach will help you to release trauma that you have inherited from your ancestors without being aware.

mbraining helps you remove negative emotions that you have picked up along the way through the years from the moment of conception to your birth and beyond.

The mBraining book has spawned a number of courses that you can attend to guide you gently on this exploration of self. These courses are being run internationally as well as locally

mBraining Courses

  • evolve your world two day experience
  • the 4 day coach certification
  • the master coach certification
  • trainers training and master trainers training.

There are also courses available for corporate applications.

The mBraining Book is available for purchase by clicking here. Get your copy today.

Interested in mBIT Coaching. Bill Gasiamis is a mBIT Trainer and Master Coach. Click to here to learn more about Bill