Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards

Developing Emotional Intelligence Cards.

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Emotional Intelligence Cards

Welcome to this short video that introduces the Reveal More Emotional Intelligence Cards.

What’s been recognised for many years is that a persons level of emotional intelligence has a far greater impact of their success and that of the team or organisation they are in, than their level of competence or intellect alone.

Our ability to make and maintain successful relationships is the bedrock of collaborative working and therefor the modern workplace.

Without sound relationships we are an island and our best efforts will only lead to limited success. that relies on short term transactional relationships

What happens if we develop our Emotional Intelligence (EI)?

Conflict reduces, discretionary effort is released, purpose and achievement are realised, productivity increases business growth can be achieved and customer satisfaction will increase too.

The great news is, the Emotional Intelligence Cards are easy to use.

The cards are based on Daniel Goldman’s four box EI model. The purpose of the emotional intelligence cards is to stimulate reflection and conversation.

We can only develop our emotional intelligence through a combination of quality introspection and also focusing on others.

The cards can be used in a number of ways. To coach others of EI for teams to better understand each other or perhaps for self development of an individual manager or leader.

What does each deck of Emotional Intelligence Cards Contain?

The deck contains 52 cards. 12 cards in each of the four colour coded segments corresponding to Goldman’s model. Each card has a question and a statement to explain the purpose of that question and a tip. That’s three pieces of developmental information on each card.

There is also a descriptor card for each segment to further assist the user with further understanding of Goldman’s EI model.

There is also a full colour graphic card  showing the model often used in many EI courses.

To take a look at some of the cards watch the video and order a pack to help develop your EI  further.

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