Emotional Intelligence Questions

Which Emotional Intelligence Questions should you ask?

Emotional Intelligence Questions – If you are new coach and are just starting to become familiar with emotional intelligence as a concept you may be wondering, how do I help my clients enhance their emotional intelligence?

Specific questions which engage the heart response, tend to get clients to drop out of their heads and see situations from a different perspective.

Emotional intelligence questions are about connecting to values and tend to evoke a more compassionate response or point of view.

Emotional intelligence questions will support your client to become more self compassionate and quite the over active head brain.

Emotional Intelligence Questions

Emotional Intelligence Questions

46 Emotional Intelligence Questions

Each pack of the Reveal Solutions emotional intelligence cards comes in it’s own hard plastic pack for safe transportation and easy storage.

The emotional intelligence cards are made out of a thick card similar to a business card and protected by a plastic coating on both sides to ensure a long life and many uses.

They are made in Australia and delivered via Australia post to any Australian address free of additional shipping costs.

If you live outside of Australia and would like to purchase these or any other cards we will need to confirm the cost of postage before you place your order.

I find that taking these cards to my clients coaching sessions helps to get a coaching session that may have hit a road block to get moving again.

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