Grow Coaching Questions

Which grow coaching questions should you ask?

Grow Coaching Questions

Grow Coaching Questions

When you become a new life coach that learned the grow coaching model, it may be a little overwhelming at the beginning of your coaching career to know which grow coaching questions to ask during those sessions early on.

If you are finding that you are in your head thinking of which grow coaching questions to ask, you may be missing out on key information that is being shared by your client.

This may mean that your client is not getting your undivided attention during the session and it may be affecting their confidence about how you are able to support them in their transformation journey.

48 Grow Coaching Questions in a pack.

The grow coaching questions that you get in this pack of 48 Grow Coaching Cards has 48 unique ways for you to engage your client in a way that will encourage curiosity and creativity when looking for solutions to problems and for how to achieve goals that have been set.

Some example grow coaching questions which you get in the pack are,

  • Goal questions like – How would you know when you have achieved it?
  • Reality questions like – Which is the biggest blocker and how do you get around it
  • Options questions like – What options do you have?
  • Way Forward questions like – What would move your commitment up by 2 more points

All in all there are 10 Goal questions, 10 Reality Questions, 10 Options Questions and 10 Way forward questions. The rest of the cards help to set the session up as well as recap at the end of the session.

The cards are made in Australia, they are coated in non-stain smooth plastic on both sides and come in a box for safe storage.

Check out the link HERE to get your pack of grow coaching cards today.