mBraining Book – Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff!

mBraining Book – Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff.

mbraining book

mbraining book

mBraining Book. mBraining was researched and written by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu the co-founders of the new coaching modality of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques. GET 10% OFF your copy by simply typing 10% into the coupon section of your shopping basket before you checkout. For a limited time only!


The new field of mBIT brings together what ancient wisdom traditions have been saying for thousands of years, with the latest findings from neuroscience, with practical applications for wise living.

Comprising of nine chapters, mBraining takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery, of what lies beneath the external layers of our existence.

By allowing you to truly connect with the intelligence of the Heart, Gut and Head Brains beyond the superficial level, you will gain a real insight into what has been making you tick all these years, and from where you can begin to affect change in your life.

Why should you get a copy of the mBraining Book?

Learning to put into practice what mBraining teaches with an mBraining Coach will help you to release trauma that you have inherited from your ancestors without being aware.

mbraining helps you remove negative emotions that you have picked up along the way through the years from the moment of conception to your birth and beyond.

The mBraining book has spawned a number of courses that you can attend to guide you gently on this exploration of self. These courses are being run internationally as well as locally

mBraining Courses

  • evolve your world two day experience
  • the 4 day coach certification
  • the master coach certification
  • trainers training and master trainers training.

There are also courses available for corporate applications.

The mBraining Book is available for purchase by clicking here. Get your copy today.

Interested in mBIT Coaching. Bill Gasiamis is a mBIT Trainer and Master Coach. Click to here to learn more about Bill