mBraining Coaching Questions

Which mBraining Coaching Questions should I ask?

If you are a new mBIT Coach you may be still be a little unsure if you are asking the right mBraining Coaching Questions.

Although you may not be aware of it, you have already been engaging your clients 3 brains during coaching.

Incase you have been feeling a little rough about the way you are taking your clients up the mBIT roadmap you may find it useful to grab a pack of mBraining Coaching Cards.

Each pack contains 47 cards that were designed by Reveal Solutions founders Mark Deacon and Reb Veal in consultation with Grant Soosalu.

Engaging the multiple brains, with mBraining Coaching Questions

mBraining Coaching Questions

The mBraining Coaching Questions in this pack come in four colour coded categories. There 11 Red cards which engage the heart, 11 Blue cards that engage the head, 11 Olive cards that engage the gut, and 12 teal cards that are used to add wisdom to difficult situations.

There is also a foundational sequence card and an mBIT roadmap card. The cards are manufactured in Australia under license from www.revealsolutions.co.uk using plastic coat business card paper and they come in a plastic box designed for safe storage.

Get your pack of mBraining Coaching Questions HERE. Delivery is included in the cost if you live in Australia. Please send me an email by clicking the button below if you live overseas and I will confirm the cost for international mail before you make your purchase.

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