mBraining Flash Learning Cards

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

G’day everybody and welcome to this short video about the mBraining Flash Learning Cards. The mBraining Flash Learning Cards are a pack of 47 cards designed by Grant Soosalu in conjunction with Mark Deacon and Reb Veal from www.RevealSolutions.co.uk

They are now available in Australia to purchase to help consolidate the learning after a four day coach certification.

The cards come in colour coded sections to help make the learning easier and the also have a page number at the bottom of every card that allows for easy reference to the book so that you know specifically what the cards is referring to.

But also if you are reading the book to be able to go to the book and go to a card that corresponds to the section that you are reading, to get better clarity of what t is that you just read and to allow you to practice what it is that you just read.

Where are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards made?

They are made in Australia and the are sold under license and they are available at revealsolutions.com.au and they come in a plastic pack thats designed to hold the cards so that they are easily able to be stored and so they are safe when you use them to travel anywhere that you decide you need to take them.

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

They are good for new coaches that are going to mBraining coaching get togethers, with your fellow coaches where you are practicing and doing your practice sessions.

they are made out of a nice thick card that is similar to a business card and is coated on each side with a thin layer of film or plastic to give the strength and durability.

So if you are interested in the cards go to revealsolutions.com.au thats revealsolutions.com.au and click the shop button and you will be able to find the cards there, purchase them pay n PayPal and have them delivered anywhere in Australia , delivery is included in the price that you will find on line.

How are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards used?

Now to give you a bit of an idea of how the cards work, this particular card is a heart brain card and it has some information about the heart brain on there that allows you to , like i said earlier refer to page 77 of the book and i that card comes so dot points that enables you to understand what it is that the heart brain does or is responsible for.

For example here, it’s got more than around 10 dotpoints and some of the include

  • peace and
  • forgiveness
  • joy and
  • trust
  • connection
  • love generosity
  • emotional truth and
  • wisdom and
  • passion

So this card allows you to go through that process of learning what it is that heart brin does and it helps you to consolidate the learning from your coaching course.

It helps you to practice with fellow coaches when you get together in your coaching sessions.

On the other side of the card we have the prompt question, so whether you are prompting yourself or having someone else prompt you, you can look at the card and ask yourself what are the core mBraining competencies and the the question down the bottom is list some balanced heart brain core competencies.

So by learning via the flash learning cards – by receiving the question whether its somebody else asking you or you asking yourself, you could give yourself an opportunity to learn those answer, like i said on the back of the card and understand better and absorb better the information that you picked up at the coach certification.

Go to the reveal solutions store HERE.