mBraining Training

mBraining Training

mBraining TrainingmBraining Training is available throughout the world in more than 20 countries.

From it’s early days the mBraining Coach Certification captured the imagination of life coaches throughout Australia.

Over four days of learning in a classroom environment, delegates are taught the benefits of this new coaching modality while getting first hand experience of disconnecting from the head brain and reconnecting to the body via the heart and gut brains.

In day one your trainer will set the foundations, by explaining the research that went into mBraining the book, and how that knowledge was used to design the mBIT road map.

The mBIT road map is the main principle that mBIT coaches use to move a client from being stressed and out of bodily alignment to feeling calm and balanced with all intelligences being involved in the decision making process.

mBraining Training support tools

Often delegates that finish a course in any modality, are excited with their new found learnings but find that the excitement wears off after a few days. This may happen for a number of reasons.

The learning environment during the course is supportive and nourishing, with up to 40 hours of deep and engaging interactions with fellow participants.

While your trainer will encourage delegates continue to meeting after the course has finished to practice what you learned, many of us will get distracted by life once more.

The more we practice while the learnings are fresh, the better the retention will be. Since many people will travel far and wide to participate in an mBraining course distance might make getting together with fellow coaches difficult to meet with.

i have found that mBraining can be practiced very effectively over Skype.

mBraining Training Aids

mBraining training

the mBraining Flash Cards deck contains 48 cards colour coded into sections that correspond to chapters in the book. This means finding the area of interest easy when looking through the mbraining cards.

Each card also contains a page reference to the book so that more detail and information can be access instantly.

on card number three, the question is, what are the prime functions of the gut brain?

When we turn the card over the answers are mobilisation, self preservation, and core identity.

You can see that the page reference is in the corner page 45 and we can see in the book this corresponds to the mBraining prime function.

This card numbered 14 is an experiencing card, and it asks the user, think of a time when you felt torn between logic and a gut instinct when making a decision.

As the user goes to that time they are likely to have experiences and on the reverse it suggests where in your body and  what you may have experienced thereby demonstrating the multiple brains responses.

The card number 30 is the core competencies card. It asks the user list so balanced heart brain core competencies and on the reverse a list of the recognised competencies of the heart brain, for example peace and forgiveness, hope, joy, trust, connection, passion.

The western world for decades has been very head brain driven. Decisions that people take both for them selves and others may be having a detrimental affect on their quality of life.

So the question is, in what way are we not listening to our multiple brains and how can we make wiser decisions for ourselves and others to both look after our wellbeing now and for future generations?

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