Staff Appraisal Cards

Conducting a successful Staff Appraisal

Staff Appraisal Coaching Cards_3.1

Staff Appraisal Coaching Cards_3.1

With the successful staff appraisal coaching cards can support a line manager to have a meaningful staff appraisal.

Our aim with the appraisal coaching cards is simple. To support line managers and organisations with a resource that can be used as an aid that can be used when preparing and planing a successful appraisal meeting.

It’s imperative that an appraisal meeting is more than just a review of how well targets have been achieved in the period under review.

What are the staff appraisal cards.

Through these cards staff members and the appraising manager are encouraged to explore and discuss much more that will support individual development, team and organisational achievement, increase employee engagement and lead to even more effective relationships.

The cards are not a substitution for your appraisal process. The cards have a question you could ask or consider for yourself, followed by an explanation for asking that question so you can understand it’s purpose.

A tip at the bottom of the card related to the question. Thats 3 pieces of developmental information on each card.

Card segments.

The deck consists of 52 cards is seven colour coded segments, they are

  1. Being Prepared
  2. Continued Improvement
  3. Catching People doing it right
  4. Skills and behaviours
  5. Feedback
  6. the Development Gap
  7. Setting Objectives

To learn how these Revealmore cards can help you and your business build and engaged productive and happy workforce click on the video below. To order the cards now click on the link below and for discounted pricing for bulk orders, contact Bill today.

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