mBraining Flash Learning Cards

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

G’day everybody and welcome to this short video about the mBraining Flash Learning Cards. The mBraining Flash Learning Cards are a pack of 47 cards designed by Grant Soosalu in conjunction with Mark Deacon and Reb Veal from www.RevealSolutions.co.uk

They are now available in Australia to purchase to help consolidate the learning after a four day coach certification.

The cards come in colour coded sections to help make the learning easier and the also have a page number at the bottom of every card that allows for easy reference to the book so that you know specifically what the cards is referring to.

But also if you are reading the book to be able to go to the book and go to a card that corresponds to the section that you are reading, to get better clarity of what t is that you just read and to allow you to practice what it is that you just read.

Where are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards made?

They are made in Australia and the are sold under license and they are available at revealsolutions.com.au and they come in a plastic pack thats designed to hold the cards so that they are easily able to be stored and so they are safe when you use them to travel anywhere that you decide you need to take them.

mBraining Flash Learning Cards

They are good for new coaches that are going to mBraining coaching get togethers, with your fellow coaches where you are practicing and doing your practice sessions.

they are made out of a nice thick card that is similar to a business card and is coated on each side with a thin layer of film or plastic to give the strength and durability.

So if you are interested in the cards go to revealsolutions.com.au thats revealsolutions.com.au and click the shop button and you will be able to find the cards there, purchase them pay n PayPal and have them delivered anywhere in Australia , delivery is included in the price that you will find on line.

How are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards used?

Now to give you a bit of an idea of how the cards work, this particular card is a heart brain card and it has some information about the heart brain on there that allows you to , like i said earlier refer to page 77 of the book and i that card comes so dot points that enables you to understand what it is that the heart brain does or is responsible for.

For example here, it’s got more than around 10 dotpoints and some of the include

  • peace and
  • forgiveness
  • joy and
  • trust
  • connection
  • love generosity
  • emotional truth and
  • wisdom and
  • passion

So this card allows you to go through that process of learning what it is that heart brin does and it helps you to consolidate the learning from your coaching course.

It helps you to practice with fellow coaches when you get together in your coaching sessions.

On the other side of the card we have the prompt question, so whether you are prompting yourself or having someone else prompt you, you can look at the card and ask yourself what are the core mBraining competencies and the the question down the bottom is list some balanced heart brain core competencies.

So by learning via the flash learning cards – by receiving the question whether its somebody else asking you or you asking yourself, you could give yourself an opportunity to learn those answer, like i said on the back of the card and understand better and absorb better the information that you picked up at the coach certification.

Go to the reveal solutions store HERE.

mBraining Book – Using Your Multiple Brains to do Cool Stuff!

mBraining Book – Using your multiple brains to do cool stuff.

mbraining book

mbraining book

mBraining Book. mBraining was researched and written by Marvin Oka and Grant Soosalu the co-founders of the new coaching modality of mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques. GET 10% OFF your copy by simply typing 10% into the coupon section of your shopping basket before you checkout. For a limited time only!


The new field of mBIT brings together what ancient wisdom traditions have been saying for thousands of years, with the latest findings from neuroscience, with practical applications for wise living.

Comprising of nine chapters, mBraining takes you on a wonderful journey of discovery, of what lies beneath the external layers of our existence.

By allowing you to truly connect with the intelligence of the Heart, Gut and Head Brains beyond the superficial level, you will gain a real insight into what has been making you tick all these years, and from where you can begin to affect change in your life.

Why should you get a copy of the mBraining Book?

Learning to put into practice what mBraining teaches with an mBraining Coach will help you to release trauma that you have inherited from your ancestors without being aware.

mbraining helps you remove negative emotions that you have picked up along the way through the years from the moment of conception to your birth and beyond.

The mBraining book has spawned a number of courses that you can attend to guide you gently on this exploration of self. These courses are being run internationally as well as locally

mBraining Courses

  • evolve your world two day experience
  • the 4 day coach certification
  • the master coach certification
  • trainers training and master trainers training.

There are also courses available for corporate applications.

The mBraining Book is available for purchase by clicking here. Get your copy today.

Interested in mBIT Coaching. Bill Gasiamis is a mBIT Trainer and Master Coach. Click to here to learn more about Bill

What are the mBraining Flash Learning Cards?

The mBraining Flash Learning Cards

mBraining Flash Cards_2.1

mBraining Flash Cards_2.1

Welcome to this short video that introduces the Reveal More mBraining Flash Learning Cards. mBraining comes out of the latest neuroscience research that shows we have at least 3 brains. Thats right three brains.

Complex and adaptive neural networks capable of perceiving assimilating processing information and memory storage and access. The three areas already classified as identifying to this classification are Head Brain, Heart Brain and Gut Brain.

The process of mBraining, multiple braining, is aligning and harnessing the power of your multiple brains.

So why might you be interested in mBraining?

When our multiple brains are aligned and communicating you have access to greater intuitive ability you make wiser decisions, that lead to a better quality of life.

Bringing together all of the available scientific research then conducting the cognitive linguistics of behavioural modelling the work of Grant Soosalu and Marvin Oka resulted in a precise and excquisit technique that can be learned by anyone.

The mBraining Flash learning cards co-authored with Grant Soosalu are complimentary to the book, mBraining using your multiple brains to do cool stuff is available in our online shop.

The are a convenient way of capturing the essential lessons and methodology in a simple to use learning tool and they are included in the many trainings now being conducted around the world by mBIT Trainers.

the mBraining Flash Cards deck contains 48 cards colour coded into sections that correspond to chapters in the book.

This means finding the area of interest easy when looking through the mbraining cards.

Each card also contains a page reference to the book so that more detail and information can be access instantly.

A quick look at the mBraining Cards.

Lets take a look at some of the mBraining Flash Cards and get an idea of how you can help take your understanding further.

On this mBraining Card, card number three, the question is, what are the prime functions of the gut brain?

When we turn the card over the answers are mobilisation, self preservation, and core identity. You can see that the page reference is in the corner here page 45 and we can see in the book this corresponds to the mBraining prime function.

This card numbered 14 is an experiencing card, and it asks the user, think of a time when you felt torn between logic and a gut instinct when making a decision.

As the user goes to that time they are likely to have experiences and on the reverse it suggests where in your body and  what you may have experienced thereby demonstrating the multiple brains responses.

The card here is number 30 is the core competencies card. It asks the user list so balanced heart brain core competencies and on the reverse a list of the recognised competencies of the heart brain, for example peace and forgiveness, hope, joy, trust, connection, passion.

I hope you’ve enjoyed finding out more about the revealmore flash learning cards can help you develop your mBIT skills further.

The western world for decades has been very head brain driven. Decisions that people take both for them selves and others may be having a detrimental affect on their quality of life.

So the question is, in what way are we not listening to our multiple brains and how can we make wiser decisions for ourselves and others to both look after our wellbeing now and for future generations?

Get your pack of Flash Cards HERE

To see an example of an mBraining coaching session click HERE..